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Holiday Gift Idea: DIY Hand Warmers and Gift Bag

by - Monday, November 02, 2015

Did you all have a good Halloween? It wasn't too chilly here and Chloe trick or treated her heart out. She has her treats all sorted in little piles around the living room, a very dangerous chocolate mine zone, ha! We hosted a party on Saturday plus she had a school party on Friday so I am ready to be done with this holiday.

It's November so that means all thoughts turn to Christmas from here on in. I am determined to make more handmade gifts this year and so far, so good. I've joined with a few other bloggers and we'll be sharing DIY gift ideas throughout November. First up is this super simple DIY Hand Warmer and Gift Bag:

Do you have a stash of leftover fabric? This gift is a perfect opportunity to use those smaller pieces you've been holding onto. What you'll need:
- fabric scraps
- pinking sheers
- sewing machine
- 2/3 cups rice (NOT instant)
- cotton or linen 4"x6" drawstring bag (I get mine here)
- T-shirt transfer paper
- iron

For the hand warmer:
1. Cut two pieces of fabric into 3.25"x3.25" squares
2. Pin the fabric together, right side out.
3. Sew around the square, leaving a 1.5" opening
4. Using a funnel, pour the rice into the square
5. Hand sew or machine sew the opening
6. Trim around the edges with pinking sheers

These hand warmers are super cute as is, but packaging them up can be tricky. I decided to put them in small fabric bags embellished with a transfer. I've included the transfer design here.
Click HERE to download

For the gift bag:
1. Download the transfer design and print on t-shirt transfer paper (it prints backwards)
2. Cut out each 3"x3" design and follow the transfer paper instructions to iron it onto the cotton or linen bags.

The final step is adding a gift tag with instructions. I've made these tags you can personalize with your own name:

For the gift tag:
1. Download the tag file and print on hard card stock paper
2. Add your name at the bottom of each tag
3. Cut along the lines
4. Use a hole punch to make a hole at the top centre of each tag.
5. If desired, make an angled cut along the top left and right corners of the tag

I was able to feed the drawstring of my bag through the hole, but you can also attach the tag with ribbon looped through the hole and tied around the bag.

Aren't these sweet gifts? I'll be making more for Chloe's teachers (they definitely can use the hand warmers while they watch the kids playing outside at recess) and for our mailman too. Everyone could use a warm hand!

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