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Creative DIYs for your Leftover Christmas Ornaments

by - Tuesday, December 08, 2015

So I have this problem every year: I decorate the house for Christmas and I still have lots of leftover decorations! I always think "next year, I'll do a rustic tree" or "next year, I'll use the red and green ornaments" so nothing gets thrown out. But what to do with all those leftover Christmas ornaments? It makes me sad to think they'll just sit in a box for another year.

This year, Canadian Tire has enlisted me to share some holiday decorating ideas on local morning shows and I've come up with creative DIYs to make use of those ornaments. You can catch my appearance on Global News The Morning Show Toronto here and if you're in Calgary, I'll be on The Morning Show Calgary this Wednesday at 8:10am.

I was a terrible blogger though and forgot to take good photos of all the DIYs so here are just a few pics from my phone.  One of the ideas I'm sharing is using ornaments to embellish gifts and make them extra special. A few things I've done here:
- used leftover ornament hooks to tie together clusters of ornaments and pinecones
- use holiday duck tape or glitter washi tape in place of ribbon
- add ornaments (clip-on birds, tree picks, decorative balls) to gifts 
- turn garlands into gift tags. This silhouette garland had 11 wooden animals.
- layer ribbons for a special look

I wouldn't do this for all my gifts but I think it would be fun to do for that special someone. 

Tell me, do you have lots of extra ornaments? Or do you use all your Christmas decor? I'm always enticed by new decorations every year!

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