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Iron Metal Bed Inspiration

by - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It all started with the dresser. The dresser in our guest bedroom needed to be replaced so we got this one. Then the entire room, with its pale yellow walls and nursery art, leftovers from when we used the room as Chloe's nursery, started looking really tired. The idea for a guest bedroom makeover was set in motion.

I'm on Wayfair constantly these days, shopping for the cottage, so when I spied the Fulton Bed on sale I ordered it. We had a DIY headboard in this room and I was ready for a real grown-up bed. I love metal beds but have never had one so now was the time. I think they're fantastic for showcasing beautiful bed linens and have great architectural lines. Here's a few bedroom looks that have me inspired.

Sainsburys via Bright Bazaar

Midwest Living

Better Homes and Gardens
Creekline House
Love Grows Wild

These looks are more country and farmhouse (which I love), but since this is our 'city' house, I'd like to veer things to be a bit more modern and polished. What do you think... is that possible or will a metal bed always conjure up images of rumpled bed linens and timeworn furnishings?

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