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Large Scale Audubon Pelican Art - Free download!

by - Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Ever since we painted our grey walls white, I've been searching for a piece of art for the top of the stairwell. I knew what I wanted: something large scale, portrait orientation, primarily dark colours to contrast against the white walls, and more realistic than abstract. And sometimes you put a wish out into the world and it gets granted!

Audubon white pelican free download high res file |

I came across Kristine's post and loved her pink flamingo print. Who knew that you could get high res Audubon downloads for free? Not me. It's such a great resource that I had to share so hop on over to Kristine's blog and scroll to the bottom for detailed instructions on where to get the prints.

I've long admired Audubon's White Pelican and knew it would work in this space. After I downloaded the file, I resized the photo to 24"x36" in Photoshop. I had it printed at Staples for $30 and popped it into an inexpensive frame from Michaels. I put a faux forsythia arrangement on the window ledge to pick up the yellow.

large scale art at top of stairwell |

The high resolution of the file really makes a difference and you can see how detailed the print is, even up close. Given the great quality, you can do much more with this digital file: print it on canvas; or go to a commercial printer and have it printed at even larger scale.

Audubon white pelican free download high res file |

Audubon white pelican free download high res file |

John James Audubon has many famous paintings you might recognize: the pink flamingo, the blue crane, the great blue heron, and the common American swan, among them. I am tempted to print even more of these. I think they would make a wonderful grouping for a gallery wall or over a long bench.

Don't you love it when you find great things for free?

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