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A Shopkins Pancakes & PJ's Birthday Party

by - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

As a kid, is there anything more exciting than your own birthday party? Judging by how often we had to answer the question "Is it my birthday yet???" the last few weeks, I don't think so! We held Chloe's 7th birthday party this past weekend and combined two of her loves, Shopkins, and her favourite family tradition, Pancakes & Pajamas.

As Chloe gets older, she still wants a themed birthday but nothing too over the top. We kept things fairly simple for this party. I recycled decorations (the rainbow bunting is from Chloe's 3rd birthday) and on the menu were easy breakfast foods like mini pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, fruit skewers and banana bread. Fussy, fancy foods just don't work with 7 year olds.

We scheduled the party early at 10:30 in the morning and everyone wore pj's. The girls had fun decorating pillow cases (I stencilled their names beforehand) with fabric markers and glow paint, and making Froot Loop necklaces.

Chloe was insistent that she help with the planning of the party. She loves the details just like me :) The Easter Bunny had bought her a clay kit to make Shopkins-like figurines and she made over 30 of them which we used to make charm necklaces for each of her guests.

We packed the necklaces in these cute milk carton boxes and added a jam jar chalkboard tag. Oh, and gummy worms too!

Then there was the cake. I'm an ok baker but Chloe really wanted me to make her cake so I couldn't say no. I found a cute scalloped cake pan and baked her a trendy naked cake with raspberry frosting. The Meri Meri cake flags were a lucky last minute find at the Old Navy checkout line. The cake stand is actually the one from our wedding. Every time I use it, I write the occasion and date on the bottom of the stand as a timeline of happy memories.

But just in case the cake wasn't edible I also ordered Shopkins cake pops which were devoured immediately. Good thing I took a photo ;)

And by noon, the party wrapped up and Chloe was counting all the new Shopkins in her collection. What more could a 7 year old ask for.

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