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The Cottage Diaries: Custom Built X-Base Rustic Table

by - Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm really excited to share these photos today. When we first saw our cottage last October, we saw that we had a glorious view out the dining room window, looking at the trees in all their fall glory. I knew that the spot would be ideal for a long rustic farmhouse style table, custom-sized to fit the space. Furniture building is not a skill I possess but I knew my blogger friend Chris did have this talent in spades. | custom handmade rustic x-base farmhouse table with beachy stain finish

I've known Chris through her blog for almost a decade. In that time, I've followed along as this powerhouse of a woman built coffered ceilings and kitchens and fences, mostly on her own. So so inspiring! She is a whiz with power tools and has laid down floors and built dream bunkies with her own two hands. And most recently, Chris has found her true calling and started her own furniture-building company, Gray House Furniture. | custom handmade rustic x-base farmhouse table with beachy stain finish

I was excited at the prospect of having a piece custom built for my space by someone who I admire immensely. First step was figuring out the design inspiration. I was originally intrigued by this table but then thought the angle on the table legs might be problematic with my dining chairs which have a closed base. So then I decided on this x-base table. Chris had never made this particular style of table before but that didn't stop her from taking on the challenge. Here's a few in progress shots of my table in Chris' shop:

So many steps are involved! It was fun to watch the progress of my table on Chris' instagram. The table was made from solid Ontario pine and was a monster of a piece of a piece to move in and out of the UHaul trailer. But she (of course the table is a she!) arrived unscathed and looked just how I hoped she would in her new cottage home. Good thing because we're never ever moving that table again ;) | custom handmade rustic x-base farmhouse table with beachy stain finish

I wanted to have a bench on the other side of the table so Chris made that too. This was yet another design she hadn't built before but it turned out perfectly. Gah, I love these two pieces so much! | custom handmade rustic x-base farmhouse table with beachy stain finish

And can we talk about the stain for a minute? If you've ever tried staining wood, you'll know it's a messy job and it can be very challenging to get an even stain. Chris offered me a few options of stain and I went for the one that had the beachy, driftwood-like look I thought would work at our cottage. I can only imagine this was a multi-step process that took several layers of stain to achieve the rich and unique finish you see here. All in all, Chris built the table and bench in one week. Amazing!

We've already enjoyed a few meals at this table and I'm looking forward to it being part of our cottage memories for many years to come. Nothing compares to a custom, handmade, one-of-a-kind piece and I love that this one was made by a talented friend. If you are local and are in need of custom furniture, I highly recommend you contact Chris. You will not be disappointed!

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