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Adding Colour Into The Garden

by - Thursday, June 16, 2016

We've been having beautiful sunny weather lately which has really helped put my garden in fine form. A few days ago I shared with you our growing but oh-so-green-and-boring front garden. With the help of President’s Choice® and its Garden Centres and your great suggestions, I've found ways to add the colour in.

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I started with the urns. I'm not quite confident enough yet to tackle putting together my own urns so luckily PC® takes care of the guesswork with their pre-planned baskets. I chose the Super Gigantico Confetti Garden Mix baskets in hues of pink, purple and white. I really wanted to use white in my plants this year to brighten things up and stand out against the green.

Speaking of urns, Heidi at My Sweet Cottage made the brilliant suggestion of putting something on the walkway to add more colour. We just happened to have a third urn which was sitting neglected in the back beside our garage! This urn got a different mixed basket in purples and white. I really love the view of this urn as I step out onto the walkway. Why didn't we think of this before?

Beneath the front window, I added more mixed plants and Impatiens to create a lower front border. The hostas have grown nicely which has added vibrant yellow tones to the garden. I tucked in some Dusty Miller at the base of the hydrangeas to add lightness and fill in the gaps.

The other side of the porch got much needed help as well. I took out the grasses which sadly didn't thrive in this area. This area does get sunlight but the soil isn't that deep and anything planted here is unprotected from high winds blowing down the side of the house. I planted Emerald Gaiety Euonymus which has lovely green and white leaves. Heidi of Stately Kitsch also suggested Coleus which has coloured leaves. I mixed that with white wax begonias. I love how the yellow-greens and rusty reds look against the brick!

The garden feels more organized and colourful. #PCGarden made it really easy... maybe there's a gardener in me yet ;)

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