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Cottage Details

by - Thursday, June 23, 2016

Does it seem like we're taking a long time to get the cottage put together? Because we are. You would think we would be satisfied with a brand new built cottage. Just move our furniture in and enjoy the summer. But no, I've come to realize we are people who like to make work for themselves. So we've gone about obsessing over the little details. I say that we focus on those things that you might not notice, but that you feel.

Take the kitchen cabinet handles for instance. We had the builder leave out the handles so I could find just the right ones to convey that farmhouse meets cottage feel we're after. I debated for months whether to go for brass ones or oil rubbed bronze, to get bin pulls or knobs, backplate or not? I decided on the Rochdale Suite from Lee Valley and I could not love them more. The graphite finish, the tiny rivets... when a handle feels good in your hand, you remember it.

Here's another custom update. We had the builder move the electrical box to over the window instead of hanging from the ceiling. I knew I wanted an articulating library sconce in this area. It's a small change but one that helps this cottage feel a little more "ours".

More lights. The builder had installed really unattractive strip lights in both bathrooms. We took those right out and replaced them with these aged steel and brass beauties. The light fixture came with Edison bulbs but I find those things never cast enough light.

This barn sconce with a milk glass shade in our ensuite is my favourite. It feels industrial yet refined. Now we just have to deal with the rest of the blank wall - fill in those plug holes, paint these rooms, find a mirror, install a mirror, hang up hooks, get a shower curtain, etc etc. There's a million little details that stand in the way of me sitting down to relax and just enjoy this cottage! But I don't want to rush it. This is the fun part, right?

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