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Top Things To Do With Kids In Prince Edward County

by - Monday, July 25, 2016

Have you escaped the day to day this summer? Posting has been light around here lately as I've managed to run away to the cottage for a few weeks. It's been great to have the time to explore the area, Prince Edward County, even more and experience new things. Five years since our first visit and we're still finding new fun things to do! It's almost comical how many friends (and some blog readers!) we've run into in the County. If you're looking to visit the area, here's my Top Things To Do With Kids In Prince Edward County.

1. Sandbanks Beach

It goes without saying that a visit to the County wouldn't be complete without a day at Sandbanks Beach. Sandbanks is comprised of three beaches, my favourite being Outlet Beach. It's a perfect place for families, with shallow waters and a wide beach though be sure to get there before noon as sometimes the park will close due to overcrowding. Park in lots 6, 7, or 8 near the restaurant and you'll be able to grab an ice cream to enjoy in the afternoon sun. For those with very young children, head to the quiet and gentle waters of Dunes Beach instead.

2. Eat Local

Prince Edward County has a vibrant food scene and it's easy to find locally sourced delicious food. A few of our family favourites:
- Slicker's Ice Cream (the roasted marshmallow Campfire flavour is amazing!),
- hearty sandwiches at Saylor House Cafe
- County Canteen (we always order the fish tacos and steak sandwiches)
- fresh fare at Hagerman's farmer's market
- Williams Family Diner
- Drake Devonshire (the kids will love exploring the private beach while waiting for their food)
- and take-out treats from The County Sweet Spot.

3. Mustang Drive-In

Adults and kids alike will love the old-school appeal of a drive-in movie. The Mustang Drive In has everything you remember from your childhood... a playground to let the kids burn off energy before the double-feature starts, a concession stand that serves soda and popcorn and fries and nothing gluten free. Put the kids in PJs, arrive at 8pm when the gates open, and turn the SUV around and watch the movie while lying in the back for a truly memorable experience.

4. Lake On The Mountain

The winding drive to Lake On The Mountain is worth it for the best views of the County. On one side of the road, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Picton Bay and the Glenora Ferry while having a coffee at Miller House. Or stay for dinner at The Inn on the other side of the road and get a view of the mysterious Lake which has a constant flow of clean, fresh water but has no visible water source.

5. Caddy Shack Mini Golf

Need a break from sitting in the summer sun? A round of mini-golf will keep everyone entertained. Just outside the Sandbanks beach gates, Caddy Shack is a well laid out and maintained course that is just challenging enough for both kids and adults. There are food options on site too.

6. Get Lost On A Country Road

One of my favourite sayings is "You can't get lost if you don't care where you're going". Driving along country roads with no destination in mind is a great way to explore the area. Some of the things to spot along your drive:
- painted barn quilts adorning buildings
- tunnels formed by foliage on the way to Black River Cheese
- antique treasures at MacCool's ReUse or Hickory Tree Antiques
- old army barracks at Camp Picton
- and For Sale signs on pretty farmhouses that will leave you dreaming of running away to the country :)

Have you been to Prince Edward County? What are your favourite destinations in the area?

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