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Weekday Musings

by - Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Have you noticed things have been quiet in blogland lately? There's a lull that happens in the summertime, when we step away from our computers more often, heading out on vacations or just spending time enjoying the beauty of the season. Days at the beach. Dinners outdoors. Weekend walks exploring the city or driving down country roads. Those are all things I'd much rather be doing than sitting in front of computer.

But this all feels a little different. It's like many long time bloggers (myself included) have decided to give up the editorial calendar and instead blog from the heart. Blog when you want, about the things you want. I've seen many of my favourite bloggers slow down their pace and blog less often. It hasn't impacted their quality and I still enjoy reading their posts. And then there are those like these old friends, and these ones and this one who found their way back to their blogs and make me smile whenever they pop up in my reader. Like running into friends on the street, you catch up for a few moments and then go back on your way.

This new way of blogging has been freeing as a blogger and a reader. Because the stories - the ones we are compelled to write even if the blog is dusty and neglected, the stories of life's realities and challenges that seldom get told by DIY bloggers - those stories are getting told now moreso than ever. Maybe it's Snapchat and the unmasking of less than perfect lives, but I love reading these kinds of stories...

... of Lauren's crazy year and the most incredible Before and Afters that came out of it
... of Michelle's new venture
... and Cassie's blog changes
... of Rachel's vulnerability
... and Julia's new found confidence
... of Jenna Sue's transformative year
... and Kristin's lessons learned

It's been a challenge to write my own story lately. BlogPodium is a month away and that has taken all my focus. But the end of summer brings back old routines and I look forward to doing more DIYing and blogging and sharing it with you all. This blog continues to be something that brings me joy and I appreciate each and every one of you who spends a moment here and reads along.

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