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Patterned Rugs for a White Kitchen

by - Thursday, October 13, 2016

As the weather turns colder, I start to think about projects and updates I can make indoors. At the top of the list is a refresh of our kitchen. It's been eight years (!!) since we renovated the kitchen and while I still love the cabinetry, I'd love to infuse the space with more colour. That means a new paint job, accessories, and a new runner.

Design by Natalie Myers; Photography by Amy Bartlam
Antique rugs in the kitchen have been trendy for a while and for good reason. They add colour and texture and their longevity attests to their durability. But you don't need to go the antique route. There are lots of rug options that can add personality to your white kitchen. Look for a rug heavy on pattern (to hide those inevitable spills), flatweave or a low pile, and even indoor/outdoor rugs that clean easily. 
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