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Decor Trends To Try

Where to start? I have a blank-slate-of-a-house in front of me and these days I'm feeling both excited at the potential and overwhelmed by the possibilities. I can tell you what I want my home to feel like but narrowing down what I want it to look like has been a challenge. I've been pinning overtime with all sorts of inspiration for each room in the house. But there are a few decor trends that keep catching my eye. Don't be surprised if you see some of these making their way into our home.

Design L.Kae Interiors / Dovetail Homes; Photography David Christensen
There is so so much to love in this one photo. My three favourite things:
  1. Applied mouldings
  2. Matching wall and trim colour
  3. Flat paint
You know I'm a huge fan of mouldings and millwork and our traditional Colonial provides the perfect canvas for these details. We've got a good start with chair rail and picture mould but I'd like to beef up our baseboards and embellish the door and window casings with architraves. And yet I don't want these interior finishings to overpower the room so to keep them noticeable but subdued, we'll paint everything the same colour. Ammonite by Farrow and Ball is a current favourite. We used this same trick in our previous master bedroom where the entire room - walls, trim, ceiling - was painted in the same warm shade of white. This really allows the architectural details to shine.

Flat paint... I have a new fascination with this. Yesterday I visited the local Benjamin Moore store which had recently undergone a renovation. The store had the upper part of the giant walls painted in a flat navy and the lower part in a stone grey. The effect was stunning. The paint colours had depth and character. Their lack of reflectiveness allowed the walls to recede into the background and the product to be more prominent. I imagine a bedroom enveloped in flat paint in muted tones would feel like a quiet, restful cocoon.

Design: Tom Scheerer
Mural wallpaper, especially of the grisaille variety (grisaille is a method of painting in only grey tones), has been on my radar for a very long time. I would love to wrap an entire room in a mural but as you can imagine this is a very opulent and expensive look. But there are more affordable alternatives on the market that can give that same ethereal sense. One favourite is the Cole & Son Nuvolette wallpaper. Nancy used it in her nursery to handsome effect.

via Honeyandfitz instagram

I also love this modern abstract take on a mural. Dina recently installed this gorgeous watercolour grasscloth in her home. Isn't it stunning?

Yet another image which captures some of my favourite looks, notably
  • black metal frames: we've seen black metal windows for the last few years and Bailey McCarthy had a fabulous black metal shower. More and more the look is being applied to interior walls as well as exterior doors
  • dark painted doors: I love the contrast of white walls and dark doors. We did similar at our cottage and might want to do something like this here at the house as well
Design by O'Brien Harris

While I love a good built-in, free-standing furniture-like cabinetry is a look that is growing on me. I like how this kitchen island is raised off the floor, giving it an airiness and lightness. You can also bring a similar feeling into the bathroom, with raised vanities with decorative feet

As you can see, I'm not lacking for inspiration. Now to pull this all together to create a cohesive design plan for our house!

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