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The New House Tour #RRcolonialcharm

by - Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy new year, friends! I hope the holidays have filled you to the brim with good food and cozy moments. I enjoy these early days of the year where we can still stay in our pajamas a little longer and dream a little bigger. And I have big dreams for this new old house of ours! Let me show you around.

I'm sure it was 1991 when my dreams for a Colonial-style house took hold. I watched Father of the Bride and seeing that white-walled centre hall plan embedded a desire to have one of my own some day. And while we looked at many different houses during our house hunt - ranches, split-levels, tudor - this style just always felt right. Our 1960's house is built in the typical style, with a central staircase, living room and dining room on either side and kitchen at the back.

Here's the view from the front door looking into the living room on the right. The moulding on the walls definitely made our hearts skip a beat when we saw this house. The entrances into each of the rooms also have pocket doors, one of the many original details we plan on preserving.

The living room is roomy and rectangular and has ample natural light. The window at the back looks out onto a wooden deck that runs entire length of the back of the house. I can't wait to string up twinkle lights outside and see them through that window. In the centre of the room is the gas fireplace which has quickly become our favourite family gathering spot. I've fallen in love with the mantel but the marble surround has a crack in it and we also want to replace the tiles on the hearth.

Through the second doorway, you move from the living room into the kitchen. There's a small powder room in the door on the left.

The powder room had one little surprise for us. See that door and what seems to be a duct on the right wall? We never noticed it when we bought the house. After we moved in, we discovered it was a laundry chute that runs from the bathroom on the upper floor all the way down to the laundry room in the basement! Chloe has been having fun throwing all sorts of laundry down that chute.

The kitchen is a generous size but it's not really my style. I'm not crazy about the eat-in table and would much rather have an island with stools, if we can make it fit. But the kitchen is in great shape, as with the house in general, and I'm glad to have all the storage space. There's nothing that "needs" to be done to the house but you know we'll be putting our touch on it ;)

Next to the kitchen is the dining room. It's small but square and is a nice formal space. I have visions of enjoying sit-down dinners with guests, candles on the table and the pocket doors drawn.

Let's head upstairs.

Here's the main bathroom. It's a good size, nice and bright, but the finishes need updating. I'm really not loving the paint choices either. I need to get my paintbrush to these rooms!

There's the purple room which will be Chloe's bedroom...

The yellow room, my soon to be office...

The red guest bedroom...

And the blue master bedroom. The rooms are all a great size though and have numerous windows. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders to transform these rooms.

There's also a small ensuite in the master bedroom which will be nice to have in the next decade when Chloe becomes a teenager and takes over the main bathroom ;)

Heading down into the basement, the floor plan mimics the main level. There's a family room on the right side...

A large laundry room at the back...

And this blank canvas of a room next to that. This room will be one of our first projects - it should easily transform into a craft room! Fun flooring, built-in cabinetry, perhaps a bench seat... can you picture it?

Attached to the craft room is the cold storage room which sits beneath our front porch. I'm thankful the previous owners left us all of the shelving!

And here's the porch from the front. It's just begging for a long bench beneath that window.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I feel quite blessed and lucky to have this house for my family to grow old in. It felt like home the moment we stepped through its doors. Now to take the next few years to make it look like home too! I hope you'll continue to join me for this journey and follow #RRcolonialcharm on social to see the updates we make along the way.

Here's to a great DIY, decorating, and renovating-filled 2017!

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