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Scenes Around The House

What a crazy few days it has been. I'm feeling a bit out of sorts with everything going on in the world but I've found some time to pry away from the news and focus on home. Where do you retreat when things are feeling crazy? A good book? Comfort food? For me, paint samples and decor magazines always seem to bring joy!

We installed Chloe's old chandelier in her new room. We also put up a medallion which makes things feel a bit more feminine and decorated. Chloe has decided on a paint colour - and she wants white! Even she realizes that her colourful books, toys, and trinkets make for a very 'loud' room.

Speaking of paint, many swatches have been painted on our master bedroom walls. We'd like something that provides some colour but isn't too dark as we have to paint the walls and ceiling the same colour.

I was able to finally decide on a colour because we got our bedroom lighting installed. Hooray! Our electrician came on the weekend and put in four potlights and installed the chandelier. We found some questionable wiring in the centre fixture so we let him fix that first before he hung the chandelier. I wanted this bedroom to feel a bit more sophisticated and grown up and this light fixture definitely delivers.

And more recessed lighting! There will be sconces going up in the yellow office so we had those boxes installed on the wall. Sean was very iffy on this decision and wondered what we'd do with those sconces if we ever changed the room back into a bedroom. I on the the other hand feel you should decorate your house for you and not the next potential owner. So, sconces it is.

In the living room, we put in lights galore. I seriously cannot understand how this home has stood for over sixty years and not one of the previous owners felt it necessary to put overhead lighting in the living room. No centre fixture, no potlights, and only one outlet controlled by a switch. The new lights have made a huge difference but there was one negative outcome: it made the lavender walls look even more purple at night! Agh.

And lastly, the gorgeous Blyth Blue Toile wallpaper arrived courtesy of Brewster Wallcoverings. It is so so pretty and just what I pictured for the accent wall in the office. Now to decide if we want to attempt installing this ourselves (we've always hired a professional). Have you installed wallpaper? This is the unpasted kind and with the curved ceiling I wonder if its just better to have a pro do it.

I'm kind of all over the place with redecorating. But I'm excited to get these rooms underway. Where's my paintbrush?

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