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Office Update and A Bellacor Giveaway

When it rains, it pours. I could be talking about the spring weather (torrential storms one minute, bright sunny skies the next!) but it's life lately that has me feeling like I can't keep up. Why did I ever think it was a good idea to participate in the One Room Challenge, redesign my website, and launch a new business all in the same month?! Definitely not a good idea.

I've been enjoying working in my new office but we haven't been able to finish this project off quite yet. The gorgeous wallpaper was installed and the storage units were assembled, but we've stalled on the lights and shelves. I ordered some lights online but in person they didn't look like the photo so back they went. Booo. So, I reached out to my friends at Bellacor to see if they might have something to suit this space. They did and I can't wait to show you what I picked out.

Lighting can be difficult to get right, but when you do, it's like adding the jewelry to complement a fabulous outfit. Bellacor has so many great options and they currently have a $1500 giveaway to celebrate their new exclusive lighting brand, Mill & Mason. Do you have a room that can use some new lighting? You can enter right here (Contest open to US residents only).

Lighting is just one piece of this office puzzle. After my lights arrive and are installed, I can decide if I want to spray paint the inexpensive bronze shelf brackets I picked up in a similar metal colour and finally I can put up the shelves too. Then, I can give you a full tour of this space. The art print from Minted (which I just realized is sitting on the sideboard UPSIDE DOWN. Ugh) is being stored here temporarily but will make it's way into the One Room Challenge living room. It was too lovely to sit all wrapped up so for now, it's here making me smile by how pretty it looks against the wallpaper.

I guess "slow decorating" is the norm for this new house? At least there's progress!

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