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Time For A Redesign

by - Monday, April 03, 2017

Excuse the {virtual} dust around here, but I thought it was time to give the old blog a brand new look. New house, new business, One Room Challenge starts tomorrow... why not just turn everything upside down and redesign the blog too? :)

It's been four years since Rambling Renovators has had a makeover which is a lifetime in blog years. I have to admit I'm a Blogger holdout and have been a wee bit jealous of all the fancy Wordpress sites out there but luckily I found some pretty fabulous templates (mine's the emma) that had just the look I wanted. I know nothing about coding so I asked my talented friend Brittany to customize it. She is a wizard!

I'm craving a simpler and cleaner look these days but with a nod still to the vintage style I love (hello, old subway tiles). I hope you like what you see; the colours, the fonts... everything feels a little more like home. So please have a look around and let me know if anything is amiss. Now excuse me while I go clean the very real and thick layer of drywall dust around here. There's lots happening and I can't wait to tell you all about it!

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