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The Love List

by - Friday, May 05, 2017

Are you a design or lifestyle influencer? You might want to make your way to Toronto this September and hear this super talented and inspiring lady speak at the conference I run.

Proof that small kitchens can be beautiful

Plants for the home

I'm digging this baby shower

I love the summery feel of these rooms

The house is a total mess from all of the One Room Challenge chaos! This playlist will come in handy to get me through all the cleaning this weekend

Morning rituals. What's mine? Chloe climbs into our bed just before the alarm rings for a few quick hugs, we make the bed no matter what, and I always enjoy a strong cup of coffee to start the day.

Have a good weekend, friends. It's going to be cold and soggy one here. That's okay... I need to focus and finish up the living room! Can't wait to reveal all next week.

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