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The Love List

by - Friday, July 21, 2017

I love everything about this Hamptons home

Maybe I should add a trellis to our outdoor space? Kate has a great DIY Wall Trellis tutorial for this kind of project

I really hope Lauren's new show airs in Canada at some point

That's a whole lot of wallpaper in one house. But I like it!

I found this post intriguing. In what parts of life are you fixed? Or growing?

Do you have a favourite makeup brand? I've been wearing this and this neutral but shimmery palettes all summer

This backyard makeover is lovely. Those redwoods!!

I need to try this braid for the summer

Alex's tile picking tips are bang on. I wish I had known them when we were picking grey-tile-that-looked-cream-once-we-got-it-home.

And from the Instagram feed:
- if only my life could be as organized as this feed
- #farmhousegoals

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