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Statement Outdoor Lighting

by - Thursday, August 31, 2017

It's becoming harder to ignore that the end of summer is near. Mornings start with a chill, I'm opting for pants more often than shorts, and the days are noticeably shorter. So it might seem strange I'm posting about outdoor lighting. But hear me out - while flowers and plants take most of the attention during the summer months, fall and winter put focus on outdoor accessories like exterior lighting. 

Exterior lighting is like the jewelry on your house. It can be gaudy and attention-grabbing, or be the subtle yet perfect complement to your home's outfit. I wanted our new exterior lighting to convey the same style we'd started to showcase inside our house: traditional with a slight preppy touch. I settled on the Sea Gull Lighting Lakeview Lantern because I liked the x-detail and the opaque shade and it felt traditional but contemporary.

But there are a lot of great statement outdoor lighting options out there. I think any of these would be great choices to improve your curb appeal and add serious style to your outdoor displays.

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