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The Bistro Chair Look for Less

by - Wednesday, August 16, 2017

There are certain items I have in my home that I know I will never part with. The classic French bistro chair is one such piece.

We have a trio of the Serena and Lily Riviera counter stools at the cottage and I've never regretted splurging on these items. They're extremely well-made and beautifully constructed. I was so impressed that I recently picked up a few of the striped arm chairs to use in the kitchen at home. The chairs are versatile and the style works well in most any room of the house: on the patio, at the dining table, even as a stylish side chair in the living room.

If you like the look but want more budget friendly options, try indoor / outdoor versions to get the bistro chair look for less. Unlike pricier traditional chairs made of rattan, these metal chairs can be used indoors and out and they don't skimp on style.

the bistro chair look for less |

1 - With chic navy and white stripes this stackable side chair will have your patio look au courant
2 - At less than $75 USD or $114 CAD, you can afford a Parisian perch for every person at the table
3 - Why opt for this all-black bistro chair when you can get a look-a-like for less than half the price!
4 - This pair of chairs comes in navy, grey or red
5 - This barrel back chair looks like it would be really comfortable to sit in
6 - Is red your thing? These red and white chairs ($299 USD for a pair) would bring that 'je ne sais quoi' to any room
7 - Oh Target, I'm still sad about you leaving Canada. But a trip across the border might be worth it to pick up a pair of these stylish black and white arm chairs

What do you say? Could your home use a little French flair?

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