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Getting Ready for BlogPodium and Networking Tips

by - Thursday, September 28, 2017

Photo credit: Gooseberry Studios
Hi friends! This post is for the bloggers today. As you're reading this, no doubt I am knee deep in preparing presentation slides, stuffing name tags or fretting about what to wear. BlogPodium happens this weekend and I am excited and terrified to put together this seventh edition of the conference.

It was in that mindset that Erin and I recorded our latest In The Storyhouse podcast. As bloggers, educating ourselves about social media and blogging, through online courses, seminars, and conferences is something we need to constantly be aware of. On this week's show, we dive deep into BlogPodium and conferences in general - what the differences are, how to choose one that's right for you, and how to prepare and get the most out of your investment.

We also share tips on networking. For anyone working in social media, where it's easier to be introverts and hide behind our screens, I think its critical to develop those networking skills and figure out how to connect and foster relationships online and offline. And we tackle things from the brand side too. Networking and conferences can be overwhelming for them as well.

So if you're headed to BlogPodium this weekend, or even wondering what conferences and events to attend this next year, I hope you'll have a listen. I'll see you In The Storyhouse!

Show Notes - Episode 4

"What I like about the before conference set-up is that it gave me permission to get really clear. Something about being an entrepreneur and a digital that we feel overwhelmed a lot. I think a lot of the overwhelm comes from that we don't give ourselves the time to get clear on 'who am I?', 'what sets me apart from everyone else?', 'what do I like to do?', 'what do I want to do?', 'where am I right in this moment and what gives that value?'"

We mention:

"As an entrepreneur, you are a sole business owner; you are the only one thinking about your strategy. Sometimes we've got to take ourselves out of the doing - the DIYing, the photography, the posting - and think about what's ahead."

For bloggers we talk about:

  • What to wear (there might be a strategy here!)
  • How to speed network effectively
  • Crafting your 'elevator pitch'
  • Getting clear on your objectives and your 'needs' for the day
  • How to follow-up with contacts made at the conference to stay on the radar

"There are a few brands that are coming into BlogPodium with what I'll say is not a fully fleshed out influencer marketing strategy. Some of the brands who've been there know the kind of experience, they've done collaborations, they've worked with bloggers, done projects with bloggers... Some brands? Haven't had that experience. They are going in as research, as an opportunity to learn what's out there."

For agencies and brands we dig into:

  • How brands should approach conferences
  • Having an open mind
  • Doing some research on bloggers ahead of time

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