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The Love List

by - Friday, September 22, 2017

I love this whole home tour (but the plaid stair runner is my favourite)

Emily offers insight on the downside of quick renovations

I like this store and the room design it inspired

Oh Joy's office kitchen turned out pretty cute

School has just started and I already feel lost in all the paperwork she brings home! I'll have make use of Jen's helpful organization tips and printables

Erin and I get back In The Storyhouse this week talking about how bloggers get on "The List" (how do those bloggers get invited to fun parties and cool events?) and what reaction has been to our first two episodes. I hope you have a listen!

If I didn't already have a camel-coloured cape, I'd totally be buying this one for the season. (P.S. I'm convinced, capes look good on everyone!)

But I did buy this top and I love it! It feels flowy yet pulled together

Aaaaand I bought this sweater too. I love the crossover hem. It looks great over fitted jeans

Kelly has the butler's pantry of my dreams. Look at all that counter space!

Speaking of pantries, Courtney is working on one of her own and has pulled together lots of pantry inspiration

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