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A Modern Country Cottage Kid's Bedroom

by - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Is it just me or does time seem to speed up at this time of year? We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this weekend but I'm already thinking ahead to Halloween and beyond that Christmas. We've got to close the cottage in a few weeks as well, and for me, that really marks the coming of winter. I did want to share one small project we managed to finish up at the cottage few weeks ago.

This is Chloe's bedroom shortly after we moved our furniture in. The room has stayed pretty much like this for the last two summers... plain and boring. But with a bit of paint and wallpaper, we transformed it into a modern country cottage kid's bedroom.

modern country cottage bedroom with gingham wallpaper

Oh gingham, how I love you. I knew I wanted gingham somewhere in this cottage right from the beginning. The wallpaper is the Claire Blue Gingham courtesy of my friends at Brewster Wallcovering. It feels very 'country' to me but, in a large scale, feels updated and fresh too. I love how the blue stripes are uneven, with almost a blue watercolour effect.

modern country cottage bedroom with gingham wallpaper

Surprisingly, this wallpaper was incredibly easy and quick to install! It was a "paste the wall" type wallpaper, which meant we could apply the glue right to the wall and then the wallpaper right after. Unlike our office wallpaper, there was no waiting time and having to "book" the paper. The grid design also meant there was very little wastage as the pattern had a small repeat.

modern country cottage bedroom with gingham wallpaper

We painted the other three walls in a light turquoise (Chloe's favourite colour). I dressed the bed simply with bedding we had on hand but I hope to get something more cottage-y soon.

modern country cottage bedroom with gingham wallpaper

Can you tell I like ticking stripes? ;) Sadly, we'll have to pack up this room soon. Our cottage resort closes in November and opens again next spring. I'm already looking forward to it!

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