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Easy Ideas for Setting A Fall Table

by - Thursday, October 19, 2017

Do you do a lot of entertaining at home? We've never been ones to host regular dinner parties but I'm hoping that will change with this new house. There's a little more room to sit, a bit more space to spread out after a big meal. We recently hosted our first Thanksgiving in this house and I wanted to share a few easy decor ideas as we head into the season of entertaining. Whether you're setting a fall table for the American Thanksgiving or eagerly planning for Christmas dinner, simple touches can make your meal extra special.

Table decor supplies:

- craft paper
- gold Sharpie marker
- mismatched napkins: blue check, french stripe, natural linen
- white pumpkins and frosted pinecones
- vintage look goblets
- gold leaf picks
- mason jars

Paper runner:

Set a warm welcome by laying a runner made of craft paper down the centre of your table. Let it overhang at the end of the table and write a message in gold Sharpie. Here's a tip: if your handwriting isn't up to par, visit a font site like dafont, pick a calligraphy font then write your phrase in the 'test' box to get a custom preview. Then just copy that calligraphy onto your craft paper. Easy!

Mason jar floral arrangements:

Elevate your grocery store florals by creating simple arrangements. Stick to three varieties of flowers or leaves and mix and match them to create small centrepieces. Place them in mason jars in a variety of heights and you'll have pretty flowers that won't obstruct conversation and can be easily moved to make room for the food.

Use Unexpected Colour:

Create a lively table setting by using an unexpected colour in your decor. Blue, cream, and gold might not seem like traditional Thanksgiving colours, but by repeating the colours throughout in the table linens, pumpkins, and florals, the table looks cohesive. My blue goblets really set the tone for this table and their intricate design makes the setting feel elevated. The hand-drawn gold laurels around each plate are another simple way I brought in the the gold colour.

Embrace the mix:

I have a very large extended family and it would be impossible to have enough matching tableware and chairs to suit us all when we gather. So rather than fight it, I embrace an eclectic look. The mis-matched napkins on this table work exceptionally well. Though the three designs are different (a plaid or check, a stripe, and a solid), they are all in shades of blue and a natural linen colour. Tying them with a natural twine is another way to bring the look all together.

Even though we were sitting in the basement (the only place with enough room for our tables!) and surrounded by Lego bins, our meal still felt special. I can't wait to decorate for our next family gathering.

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