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7 Ways of How To Hang Wreaths On Windows

by - Wednesday, November 15, 2017

When you think of a house decorated for Christmas, what image comes to mind? For me, it's one with twinkling white lights, the house covered in a dusting of snow, with wreaths hanging in every window. 

Our Colonial-style house is begging to be decorated in just this way, but when we tried to get the wreaths hung in the windows this past weekend, we ran into a few issues. I asked for suggestions on my Instagram stories on how to hang wreaths on windows and there were lots of helpful ideas which I wanted to share here in in case you are having the same dilemma. Here are 7 Ways To Hang Wreaths On Windows.

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2018 UPDATE: The clear large 3M Command Wreath Hooks we used in 2017 (noted in #7 below) when this blog post was written stayed up all winter! I'm pleased to report that the wreaths did not fall down at all. One blew off because of the wind but the hook itself stayed up! NOTE: Do clean the window with rubbing alcohol before affixing the hook.

Now before I get into how to hang wreaths on windows, one question you should consider is what size wreath do I need for my windows? Opt for a wreath with a diameter that is 1/2 to 2/3 the width of your window. Also consider the weight of the wreath. Anything that is too heavy or has too many decorations on it will require more support to stay on your window.

1. Top Window - Ribbon Loop and Knot

First, you'll need to determine if your window opens from the top down or from the bottom up. If your window opens from the top:
  • Take a 4'-5' length of waterproof ribbon (at least 2.5" wide looks great). 
  • Put one end of the ribbon through the wreath, bring the ends together, and tie a knot near the end. 
  • Lower the top window sash and, still holding to the knot end, lower the wreath on the outside. 
  • Raise the window sash. The knot will prevent the wreath from falling to the ground. You might need to play with the placement of the knot in order to get the wreath to land at the desired height on the window.

2. Bottom Window - Floral Wire Loop and Knot

If your window opens from the bottom up, you will need an extra pair of hands to help with this method:
  • Take a 4' length of floral wire
  • Put one end of the floral wire through the wreath and bring the ends of the wire together
  • From inside, have someone lift open the bottom window a few inches. From outside the window, slide the two floral wire ends through the small crevice behind the top window. Have the person inside grab the floral wire ends.
  • While still holding the wire ends in one hand, push down and close the window with the other hand
  • Secure the wire ends inside somehow. One method is to put a pushpin on the top of the bottom window and wrap the wires around the pin

3. Suction Cup With Hook

Affix a large suction cup hook to the window. Vacuum suction cup hooks or suction cup hooks specifically designed to hold wreaths will work the best. Make sure the hook you use is rated to use for the weight of your wreath. You can also use this method to hang wreaths indoors. For instance, use a suction cup hook to hang a wreath on a mirror like we did over our fireplace.

4. Magnetic Wreath Hangers

Wondering how to hang a wreath on a door? If you don't want to put a nail into your door, or use a 3M hook consider using a magnetic wreath hanger. Magnetic wreath hangers can be used on metal doors and also on single pane windows. For use on a window, you will need two magnets, one on each side of the glass.

5. Fishing Line 

If you have shutters on either side of the window, one possible solution is to string up clear fishing line on one shutter, loop it through the frame of the wreath, and secure to the shutter on the other side.

6. Adjustable Tension Rod

Another idea is to use an adjustable tension rod that is the same colour as your window trim, and whose length is slightly longer than the width your window. Place the rod in front of the window, across the middle where the upper window sash meets the bottom sash. As the rod is the same colour as your window trim, it will be less noticeable. Adjust the rod so that it sits securely against the side jambs, or against the window brick. Secure the wreath to the rod with wire or zip ties

7. 3M Wreath Hook

This is the method we ended up using and so far, the wreaths are staying up! We had tried these 3M Command Wreath Hooks last year but the kept falling down. I received a helpful tip to clean the window with rubbing alcohol before applying the hook and that seemed to do the trick. We've had a few days of below freezing temperatures and the hooks are still holding.

We have to finish the rest of our exterior decorating (now how to hang a garland over the door??) and string up Christmas lights but our house is looking Christmas-y already!

Have you put wreaths on your exterior windows? Do you have any other methods or tricks for hanging wreaths?

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