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The Perennial Perspective: Speaking Their Truth

by - Thursday, January 25, 2018

Is there something in the air? Have we all been drinking from the fountain of truth? Do you ever have a thought, and then all of a sudden you see someone else come up with the exact same thought?

That's how I've been feeling a little bit lately. I spoke my truth in this post, and then all around me, I see others speaking theirs. It's a wonderful thing. Authenticity, realness, call it what you will - conversation is back in 2018.

If you're in the mood for bloggers and instagrammers being "real" I encourage you to check out these thought-provoking and heartfelt posts:
- "A Year Depressed" by Orlando
- "My 2018 Resolutions" by Katie
- Old Faux Farmhouse - catch their instagram story about the comparison trap before it disappears!
- Collin Kartchner - issues a rallying cry on his instagram story to Get Real
- Weslie Christenson - talks tough on her instagram story about mental health and social media
- "How I've Boosted My Self Confidence" by Emily
- "A Warm Welcome to 2018" by Jen

Have you come across any posts lately that have showed the true person behind the perfection? I feel like we're all becoming more comfortable with expressing ourselves and exposing our vulnerabilities. With the #MeToo movement, the Larry Nassar trial, the women's marches, and everyone sharing their political opinions, it was inevitable that this wave of honesty happened in the blog world as well.

I'm not sure where this is all headed, but I'm enjoying the conversations.

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