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The Love List

The weekly Love List has been on hiatus for a while but now it's back! I just took a peek through the archives - do you know I wrote the first Love List back in 2009?? That's crazy! Here's what I'm loving lately...

Kassandra's new build country home is just beautiful

A cute way to get that desktop organized

Erin and I just recently launched Season 2 of our podcast, In The Storyhouse. I love all of our conversations but this one, this one on Truth and Honesty is really good. Truth: we didn't prepare an outline for this episode so were kind of all over the place, and while I was uneasy with it (I like structure, people!), uneasiness and going with the flow are things I'm trying to be more comfortable with.

A great list of dependable decorating classics. I have items similar to #3, 6, 14 and 18 in my own home. Do you have any in yours?

I just love how Shelley's playroom has evolved!

A dissection of the power of white

I love this unexpected kitchen island

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