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Life Lately

by - Thursday, March 22, 2018

Friends, life has been kicking my behind lately. Spring break last week felt the opposite of a break as I tried to fit in time with family and playdates for Chloe in between work. And this week I've had a few exciting but time-sensitive opportunities arise. All the while, Sean has been travelling overseas for work 9 out of the last 14 days. I seriously don't know how single parents do it because trying to keep me and the kid fed, clothed, and generally alive the last two weeks has been a challenge. I'm exhausted to say the least.

But that's life, right? We've been practicing gratitude lately so in that spirit, and to shed myself of some of this woe-is-me energy, here's a few things I'm thankful for lately:
- that the Nor'Easters passed us by and there is no snow on the ground
- that I decided six months since my last haircut was unacceptable and finally got myself a new 'do
- that Emily inspired me to start to cull my Instagram list and I'm feeling so much better about what pops up in my feed lately
- that the One Room Challenge starts in two weeks. I love the design inspiration it brings!
- that Chloe picked up her Girl Guide cookies this week so buying some of those cookies is my duty as a good mom ;)
- that our cottage opens up soon! (On a side note: if you're looking for a summer property in Ontario, check out our resort in Prince Edward County. The last of the cottages are being sold! Let them know I sent you ;) )
- that I binge watched Queer Eye on Netflix and pretty much every episode gave me a good cry
- that sweet Andrea sent me this pillow from her new shop, Rainsford Company. It's Canadian (yay, no duties!) and she has curated such a lovely mix of goods that you're going to want to buy all the things.

Tell me, how do you deal with stress in your life?

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