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The Love List

by - Friday, March 02, 2018

Kate's choice of oatmeal + white cabinets is inspiring

I love the wallpaper choices in this home

I dream of having a dutch door someday

Over the years, I've become more comfortable with taking risks. It's become a constant in order to keep my blog and business evolving. Erin and I talk about how we take risks and how to take out some of the fear of failure.

Speaking of fear, it led to this happening. I'm sad to see it go!

15 years later and I still love this house

I need these stripes and these stripes in my home

Does Instagram feel different to you lately? It does to me. I was scrolling through this account the other day and all I could think was... everything's the same. Emily had some feelings about Instagram too and lots of others have chimed in with their thoughts.

I'm totally drooling over Megan's pantry

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