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One Room Challenge | Week 5 | The Final Details

Welcome and thanks for stopping by! If you're new here, I'm a Toronto-based blogger with a fondness for traditional architecture, transitional style, and plaid who loves to fix up her new old house, one DIY at a time. We're redecorating our Master Bedroom for the One Room Challenge. Catch up on Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.

Things are getting REAL, folks. The last five weeks of the One Room Challenge have just flown by and we've got mere days to get this room ready! Luckily, we've made huge progress and the room is just about finished. Come, have a look around!

serene master bedroom | botanical art | double closet door | one room challenge bedroom

Hooray, all of the painting is finished! I have to be honest... the new room is already blowing me away. It feels completely different from the dark cave we started off with. Sean was a little skeptical when the first coat of Farrow & Ball's Wimborne White paint went on the wall - it looked creamy! - but I knew we had to suspend judgment until everything was in the room. Now the paint looks like the perfect warm cozy envelope and it really sets off the gold and black accents throughout the room.

Speaking of paint, our closet also got a makeover. Here's the very sad Before:

closet makeover | farrow and ball pink ground

And the In Progress. I used Farrow & Ball's Pink Ground, a soft pink that isn't too pink, if you know what I mean. Sean hasn't seen the new paint colour yet so no word yet on whether he's a fan of pink or not, haha! We carried the Metrie baseboard into the closet to give it a more finished look as well.

closet makeover | farrow and ball pink ground

More items have arrived including this vase made just for me by ORC sponsor Jill Rosenwald. I am a huge fan of Jill's work. Her ceramic pieces feel so fresh and playful. You can request your ceramic in one of a 100 different colours to suit your taste. This one is in Cadet, a light blue-green, that brings some brightness to the room. I've set it atop my new vanity from Bellacor. It's actually a desk in a faux shagreen finish.

jill rosenwald vase | faux shagreen desk

One other piece that did arrive was the highly anticipated bamboo dresser. Sadly, it was a dud - the drawers wouldn't open properly and the quality was not what I was expecting. On the upside, the return was easy and I got a quick refund but now I will have to find a replacement dresser! And quick!!
chairish art | minted art

One thing left on my To Do list is determine where to place the art. I picked out some pieces from awesome ORC sponsors, Chairish and Minted. I debated going with this black and white piece from Chairish but thought I should embrace more colour so selected this piece instead. The artist is Angela Chrusciaki Blehm and she is also one of the Featured Designers for this round of the One Room Challenge! She blogs at The Painted House and you should see the new guest suite she's tackling at her mountain retreat, sky lights and all!

From Minted, I selected art that spoke to me. Phase by Emily Magone depicts the cycles of the moon. If you've been listening to our podcast, you'll know that my podcast co-host Erin is a follower of lunar abundance so I guess all her talk has been rubbing off on me! The Figure by Lori Wemple and Hold My Hand by Gabriela Klafke moved me with their simplicity and mystery. The abstract, Weathered by Melanie Severin ties all the moods together.

rainsford company botanical art

Then there's the gorgeous botanicals from Rainsford Company. I had my minions walk around the room so I could figure out just where to hang these pieces ;)

There's a few final pieces still to be delivered, a closet to reorganize, and I pick up the curtains from Tonic Living tomorrow so we're not quite done yet. But we're close and I CANNOT WAIT to show you the result next week!

I wonder how my fellow designers are doing? Will we all make it to the finish line? Go check out their progress!

Thank you to these wonderful One Room Challenge sponsors for partnering with me on this project!

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