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A Super Simple Outdoor Rug Ikea Hack

by - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I've been on the hunt for an outdoor coir rug for a while now.

The Welcome mat I purchased in the spring last year didn't fare well, and the DIY mat I created last winter barely lasted through the season. Then I came across the Vorup mat recently at Ikea:
The only problem is it was too small... but three of them together would be just right! This Ikea hack was so simple that a child could do it. And one did - it's about time Chloe flexed her DIY muscles!

Step 1: Take 3 Vorup mats. While in the store, check to make sure the edges are fairly straight. Ensure the patterns line up and make sure the colours of the rugs match.

Ikea Vorup outdoor mat ikea hack

Step 2: Get your tape. We used Black Gorilla Tape which is super strong.

Step 3: Flip the rugs over and tape the rugs together.

4. Cut off the excess tape. Put the rug in place.

And ta-da! The rug is a nice addition to our porch. It's not perfect, you can see the seams somewhat, but the tape is holding and the rugs do their job. We've decorated the house for Halloween and the rug brings a little bit of fall pattern.

Ikea Vorup outdoor mat ikea hack

Don't you love a good five-minute project? Chloe did a great job. I think I'll have to get her to do more work around here ;)

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