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Getting A Good Night's Sleep

by - Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Leesa mattress review

If you've been reading here a while, you'll know I don't change my home furnishings very often. That might seem odd for a design blogger, but I'm not really fond of changing things out just for the sake of changing things out. I have a dining room set that's almost 15 years old. Our sofa was over a decade old as well until we got a new one last year. And our mattress? That was going on 14 years.

Leesa mattress review

My quality of sleep has been declining over the years so when Leesa reached out to see if we'd like to try out a mattress, I thought it might be time to make the switch. Could I finally get a good night's sleep?? I've never been fussy about sleep. Give me a good 6 to 8 hours and I'm fine to go. I've sort of expected a restless sleep as the norm... from finding my pyjamas too hot and kicking off the duvet, to finding my pillow to be too soft/not soft enough, and Chloe climbing into our bed at 3am when she's had a nightmare, sleep is hardly ever deep and uneventful.

Leesa mattress review

I've been curious about the Leesa ever since I first saw it on my favourite blogs years ago. I'll admit, its stylish quilted design is what first caught my eye. Since then, the popularity of mattress-in-a-box has only grown. When the Leesa mattress arrived, I was excited to get it on the bed. The box size is deceiving - this thing is HEAVY and you definitely need two people to move it up the stairs to your bedroom.

Leesa mattress review

Setting it up was easy as putting the mattress on the bed, unrolling it, removing the plastic wrap and watching it expand. We have a box spring but you don't need one to use this mattress. It was super simple to set up, and finally getting an uninterrupted night's sleep? It turns out that was just as easy.

Have you been considering a Leesa mattress? Here's my Leesa mattress review and thoughts on switching from a traditional innerspring mattress to a memory foam mattress.

My first impressions of the Leesa mattress:

  • The 10" mattress straight out of the box looks and feels high quality. The seams and stitching are finished nicely and the cover material is soft and supple.
  • There is some off-gassing of the foam that lasted about two days. It was strong but not super annoying, it didn't make me feel nauseous or anything. I did open all the windows all day, kept linens off until night time, and ran our diffuser in order to get the scent out.
  • There is no 'getting used to' this mattress - you lie down and you fall in love. It feels cushiony, supportive, and soft - but not too soft - and that feeling stays consistent. On a firmness scale out of 10, I'd give it a 7/10.

Leesa mattress review

The first night's sleep was surprisingly uneventful. Normally, I can feel if Sean is tossing and turning on the other side of the bed but with this mattress, there was hardly any movement transfer - I almost felt as if I were sleeping in the bed alone. I did feel slightly warmer, not hot, but that might be because along with the mattress change I switched our summer quilt for our heavier duvet.

I'm a side sleeper and I liked the amount of support the bed provided. I didn't wake up feeling achy or with kinks in my neck, which happens some times if the bed and pillow aren't just right and I feel uneven pressure on my body. I've had that issue at the cottage where we have a pillow-top mattress and our cottage pillows are a little firmer.

One thing that will take getting used to is the softer edges of a memory foam mattress. Unlike a traditional innerspring mattress which has a frame and piping around the edges, the Leesa mattress is just consistently foam throughout. I sometimes sit on the edge of the bed to pull on my pants or socks and found with the Leesa I had to sit farther back as I felt like I was slipping off. Not a big deal but if you sleep closer to the edge, this might be something to consider.

Leesa mattress review

Luckily, Sean likes the mattress just as much as I do. If you need more time to decide on a mattress, Leesa allows you to try it out for 100 nights. If the mattress is not for you, they'll donate it to a charitable organization and provide you a full refund.

We find we're sleeping deeper, having longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep, and are waking up feeling more refreshed.  It's making me rethink my expectations of sleep... why can't I wake up every day feeling like I've slept in a fancy plush hotel? It's actually encouraged me to buy new sheets and I'm the hunt for the perfect soft/not too soft pillow. All I need now is someone to serve me coffee in bed! Anyone?


Disclosure: This conversation was sponsored by Leesa. Thank you for supporting the quality brands whose products I bring into my own home.

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