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The Prettiest Blue Area Rugs (And How to get the Caitlin Wilson Look for Less)

by - Wednesday, January 23, 2019

I've started to work on our next renovation project, Chloe's bedroom. She wants a blue and white room and one of the first tings I'm trying to source is a blue rug. But not just any blue. Call it light blue, baby blue, periwinkle, French blue... it's that elusive shade of blue that's soft and pretty with just the slightest hint of lilac. And no one does that particular blue better than Caitlin Wilson. Just look at these rooms:

caitlin wilson rug

caitlin wilson rug
caitlin wilson rug

Images via Caitlin Wilson instagram


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I love love love Caitlin Wilson's collection of rugs. But at around $1100 US for a 5'x7' rug, these beauties are not in the budget. And so I set off on my search for a cheaper version. I'll tell you, it's super easy to find navy area rugs, bright aqua area rugs or teal area rugs... but soft blue rugs? Not so easy! But, I did manage to find some alternatives reminiscent of Caitlin Wilson's style and I thought I'd share them in you too were in search of a soft blue area rug.

Soft blue area rugs in shades of periwinkle, light blue and French blue. Where to get Caitlin Wilson lookalike rugs cheaper and on a budget.

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