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The Love List

by - Friday, January 11, 2019

Kate's bathroom makeover is so fun! You need to see what it looked like before!!

I totally agree that these will be big trends in 2019. But these trends? I'm not convinced

Have you signed up for my brand new newsletter??? I'll be sending out my very first one this weekend so sign up here to get the scoop.

The cold but mild weather here in Toronto (we haven't had any snow last more than a few hours!) has strangely put me in a mood where I'm thinking ahead to spring. This post is making me rethink my love of gravel.

The Joanna Gaines' At Home Spotify playlist is really lovely for a weekend afternoon

Joni has all the kid's room inspiration and tips you need

Have you packed the last of the decorations away? Here's some great organizing tips if you haven't!

I'm convinced. I need more soup in my life. And Emily's top posts of 2018 countdown is one of my favourites

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