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2019 Design Trends

Hooray, it's February! One thing I like about this time of year is how it feels like a time for renewal. We look at our homes with a brand new set of eyes and see things we might want to refresh and improve. Looking at upcoming trends is a way to inspire change. It might seem a little late to be doing a trends post but I wanted to ease into the year, collect my own observations, and think about how I would incorporate some of the trends I'm seeing into my own home. Here's my predictions for 2019 Design Trends.


I included this in my last Love List, but I think citrus plants are the new greenery for hip homes. From real orange trees to faux lemon branches, I've seen these pops of orange, lemon, and lime everywhere lately. Citrus accents are a great way to usher in warmer days and bring a lively spirit to your interiors.

2019 home decor design trend, citrus accents in home decor, schumacher citrus garden wallpaper

I love how Gen and Benjamin Sohr of Pencil & Paper Co. have used Schumacher's Citrus Garden wallpaper in their powder room. Can you believe this pattern was created in 1947? If feels so modern and brings an unexpected hit of colour in this small room.

How I would use citrus:

I'm terrible at keeping plants alive but I can't resist the idea of trying to grow a citrus tree indoors. I think a Meyer Lemon tree grown in this beautiful large blue and white planter (20% off with code WINTER) would be lovely.

2019 home decor design trend, citrus accents in home decor, orange tree in blue and white ginger jar
Photo via One Kings Lane

1970's Lounging

I grew up in the 1970's and I have vivid memories of the furniture of that era. Jewel-toned velvet furniture. Barrel back chairs. Swivel armchairs. It seemed to me that my parents entertained guests in our home quite a bit and that kind of furniture just seemed right for lounging and conversation.

2019 home decor design trend, rounded curved sofa, 1970's lounge furniture
Source unknown

Could you picture yourself hanging out in this library? I love the juxtaposition of the modern armchairs and the neoclassical sofa. The arrangement and the soft velvets seem so inviting. I find that the more digital the world becomes, the more we seek places to escape from the technology.

How I would create a 1970's lounge vibe:

2019 home decor design trend, swivel armchair, 1970's lounge furniture
Source: Apartment 34

I have a spot in our basement just right for a pair of swivel armchairs. Swivel chairs are great to use in large open spaces when you have multiple views, say towards the fireplace or towards the TV. These chairs, featuring a bold botanical print, would look good from all directions.


Farmhouse, bohemian, Scandinavian minimalism... I think it's time for a new decor style of the moment, don't you think? Traditional design is never out of style so it's almost wrong to call it a trend, but I think classic style will come to the forefront this year. Characterized by charming details, patterns, and more tailored shapes, traditional decor brings a sense of luxuriousness that's been missing from interiors over the last few years.

2019 home decor design trend, traditional design
Design by Ashley Whittaker

How I would use traditional design:

There's no mistaking that I already lean towards the classics. The use of mouldings throughout our home and furniture like our English roll arm sofa showcase our traditional style. With the big design moves already in place, I'm going to embrace traditional style even more through the small details. Classic embroidered sheets, accent pillows with trim details, a floral ceramic stool with a Chinoiserie feel... I'll be looking for opportunities to bring elegant accents into our home.

Matte Finishes

Brass finishes and shiny gold and copper hues have been popular for quite some time and while I don't think they'll disappear, I think we're starting to see a shift towards more matte finishes. The same goes for surfaces in general... in paint, there's a movement away from semi-gloss sheens to eggshell and matte finishes, even on trimwork. Kitchen appliances have jumped on the trend too with black matte refrigerators and dishwashers entering the market and challenging the reign of stainless steel.

2019 home decor design trend, matte finishes, matte black appliances
Source: Elle Decor

Matte finishes provide a unique tactile, sensory experience. The matte black faucet we installed in our cottage bathroom really elevates the simple act of washing your hands. I love that when you see an object in a matte finish, you're drawn to touching it.

How I would use matte finishes:

2019 home decor design trend, matte finishes, Jolie Home matte paint

I recently went to a preview for Jolie Home and I was intrigued by their matte paint. I'm on the lookout for a secondhand dresser that we can update for Chloe's tween bedroom. Matte paint has a way of bringing out the details and lines of furniture beautifully.

2019 home decor design trend, matte finishes, McGee & Co plant pot
Source: McGee & Co

Ceramics in a flat finish are another way to bring this trend into your home. These matte blue pots contrast nicely with the organic feel of the ferns.

What do you think of these trends? Do you think you'll incorporate any of them into your decor?

2019 home decor design trends, matte appliances, rounded sofa, citrus interior

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