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The Love List

by - Friday, February 22, 2019

Great architectural details, a serene room, beautiful daylight - what more do you need?

I've always loved this bed and in the new navy colourway, it's a stunner

What do you think? Is the home office becoming extinct? I still use mine!

Looking for affordable basic decor pieces? The Classic Collection from H&M is a good place to start

I still can't believe this 'wallpaper' was hand painted. Now that's dedication!!

This pretty room would look perfectly at home in my house

I love this nightstand, especially the discreet pull-out tray

A thorough guide on how to hang art

Hurry up, spring! I just bought this top and can't wait to wear it.

Do you enjoy seeing room transformations in quick timelines? The three week Choose Your Own Adventure Refresh is a good one to follow!

Note: for ease of shopping, affiliate links have been used in this post

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