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The Love List

by - Friday, February 08, 2019

This is the summery home my winter-weary heart needs

Agreed. I'm ready to say goodbye to these trends, especially #1

I need this pillow in my life. And this fabric. And this fabric too

This would make a cute Valentines gift. I'd pair it with this book

I like this DIY mudroom bench

I just watched Won't You Be My Neighbor? on Netflix. I never realized until now how much Mr. Rogers had shaped my world as a kid. Sappy? Yes, but worth a watch and a good reminder of what's important in the world.

Is it weird that I want to hang out in this real estate office?

Zellige? Not for me. I'm not a fan of irregularities

This top would be so pretty for spring

The Before of this room was pretty tragic. But it's so lovely now!

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