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Spring Fashion Finds to Update Your Everyday Wardrobe

by - Wednesday, March 27, 2019

spring fashion 2019, new pant shapes, shell jewellry, floral fashion

Are you ready to refresh your spring wardrobe? With the snow melting and the sun shining, I'm dreaming of light layers, t-shirts instead of long sleeves, and putting away the clunky boots. Here's some of the new trends I want to try plus some fun accessories to zing up my every day mom uniform.
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Sea shell jewelry

Shell accents bring to mind warm breezes and the scent of the ocean. I love how these pieces help brighten up your skin tone and add a bit of texture to any outfit

A floral motif

It isn't spring without flowers. The soft shapes and bright colours of a floral blouse or short-sleeved sweater are a great way to perk up your basics. And just wearing a floral dress is an instant mood-booster, wouldn't you agree?

A new pant shape

Of course you can rely on your tried and true skinny jeans for everyday wear, but why not be a bit daring and don a new shape for spring? The wide-leg crop is a great one for us shorter girls while the drawstring cotton twill pant seems made for spring adventures

The unstructured jacket

Cool mornings when you're wearing thin layers followed by warm afternoons when you shed the jacket - that's my favourite kind of spring day. This year, I'm looking for a jacket that isn't a jacket. Think open front cardigans or unstructured blazers that add warmth without being too fussy.

Have you added any new pieces to your spring wardrobe? Let me know about your fashion favourites.

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