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4 Home Decor Trends for 2019 From Today's Interior Design Bloggers

by - Tuesday, May 14, 2019

How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely. We finally had the chance to head east and open up our cottage. I always love spending Mother's Day there, sleeping in, having a coffee on the porch, and having nothing to do... it's my favourite way to spend the holiday.

In between cottage naps (lol!), I had the chance to dig into the blogger projects from the One Room Challenge (and yes - we're still working on our ORC bathroom renovation!). I love the ORC for it's ability to push the boundaries of the design universe and put the spotlight on all sorts of design styles.

Across the spectrum though, there were certain design elements that kept appearing over and over. Here's 4 home decor trends for 2019 right from homes of design bloggers that I spotted in the One Room Challenge projects.

1. Use of Moulding and Trim in New Ways

We can thank Fixer Upper for the resurgence in the popularity of shiplap the last few years. Undoubtedly, this has led to the increased awareness and general use of moulding and trim in the home but you can use moulding to create many different types of wall treatments. As we start to move away from the modern farmhouse look, I think we'll be seeing more interesting applications of this architectural element.

Plaid wall panelling treatment by Sypsie Designs

Double wall paneling by Chasing Quaintness

One Room Challenge - Week 6: The Modern Coastal Master Bedroom Makeover
Modern accent wall by This Simplicite
Shiplap ceiling and plaid wall treatment by Hilltown House

2. Maximalist Decor

Have we finally had our fill of minimalist rooms? Is this the year of un-Kondoing our decor and embracing the more-is-more aesthetic? This year's ORC rooms were filled with colour, texture, and furnishings. From kids rooms in rainbow hues to opulent bedrooms, bloggers maxed out their designs in a big way.

Master Bedroom by A Glass of Bovino
Chinoiserie bedroom by The Farmhouse Project
Colourful Kid's Room by Banyan Bridges
I have to say I'm excited about this trend. You can be so expressive with colour and texture and contrast and I'm excited to see new and novel ways to style your space. And let's be honest, it's about time the Instagram field is filled with something other than crisp white homes, am I right??

3. Contrasting trim, doors, and ceilings

Hand in hand with trend #1, bloggers have started to use contrasting colours to highlight architectural elements. I love the look in this bedroom below, where taupe trim brings interest to white walls. The effect is interesting yet still calming.

Bedroom by Decorlift 
Bold Nursery by Craven Haven

4. Shades of Green - in paint and plants!

Forest green kitchen by Ash Pine Homes

Chinoiserie Chic Dining Room Reveal and Interior Design Tips | One Room Challenge Week 6 FINALE from
Chic Dining Room by Stampin Fool
Modern Vintage Bathroom with Green and White Tile
Colour blocked bathroom by Bre Purposed
No colour was more dominant in this year's designs than green. From deep forest green to bright Kelly green and moody moss, green is the colour of the moment. And I'm not just talking paint... almost every room had a touch of greenery! It seems a room is not fully decorated unless you have a plant somewhere! Real or faux, plants are the final decorating touch.

So what do you think? Do you think you'll be bringing any of these decor trends into your home?

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