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The Love List

by - Friday, July 26, 2019

That's it - this house has me convinced I need more cream tones in my life (and four coffee tables. Genius!). And FYI, their entire portfolio is so good!

Pin this! Jen's four-part Best of the Best series gives you every organizing tip you'll ever need

I'm so excited to see what Lauren does with her new cottage!

You need to see the Before and After of this house

I was influenced a few months ago to buy this hairdryer. It dries up Chloe's hair after swimming in no time flat! As for me, I like it but find it doesn't give my thick and super-straight hair any volume.

This is a cute roundup of fashion art

"The end result is a welcoming, laid-back house with a mix of modern, moody, but traditional at the same time." Amber totally nails it with this house. Again.

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