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Easy Shelf Decor Ideas for Fall

by - Thursday, August 29, 2019

I know - it's not even Labour Day and here I go talking about shelf decor ideas for fall. I'm not wishing the summer away but (a) I'm no longer vacationing at the cottage and (b) we are in full on back to school prep mode, so might as well look ahead to all the good things fall will bring. Positive thinking!

Fall is always a great time to make your surroundings feel cozier. More than any other season, fall is a feeling more than a particular look. You can interpret it literally, by bringing in autumnal colours and pumpkins into your decor but I prefer to be a bit more timeless and neutral in my accessorizing. Styling shelves can be difficult, but using just four types of accessories takes out the guesswork and makes the task much easier. If you don't redecorate your shelves a lot, this neutral look will work well into next season.

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If you've got a bookcase, tabletop, or shelf to decorate, you can create that fall feeling with just a few objects. 

Here's the four shelf decor essentials you need to bring a fall look to your space:

fall shelf decor, shelf objects, display objects for shelves

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Art is a mainstay of decorating but for that cozy, earthy feeling, opt for vintage art. It can be an original or a print but what you're looking for is something unique, rare, and definitely not mass produced. Etsy is my go-to-source for one of a kind art. Seek out art that gives you a hint of the season like pastoral landscapes, hunting scenes, or equestrian motifs. Look for colours that are reminiscent of fall. Deep moody mustards, rusts, and browns can bring warmth to a room and juxtapose nicely against modern white painted walls.


The key to styling your shelves attractively is using a variety of objects in different shapes, heights, and textures. Boxes and trays are easy objects to decorate with. They are versatile and allow you to vary heights and ensure your shelf composition flows nicely. Stack boxes to make them seem grander, or use them alone to act as a sculptural piece.

Don't forget about texture and colour. For fall, stick to a neutral palette of creams, darker greys and greens, and wood tones. You can be playful with materials but choose objects that look more hand made than machine produced. The imperfect beauty of ceramics and natural textures like rattan can create an earthy display. To keep your look cohesive, opt for solid colours and small patterns.


While boxes and trays are angular and clean-lined, vases are round and graceful. Mixing round shapes and square shapes brings movement to your shelf decor. Vases are also a great opportunity to add colour and depending on their size, you can use them to fill up a space. Vases also look great in multiples. Display three vases in varying sizes to bring harmony and interest.


Greenery, whether real or faux, is the finishing touch to the perfect shelf decor. Greenery is the one element that will make your decor come to life. While other objects might seem flat and lifeless, plants and flowers add energy. Decorate using greenery that's in season (now is not the time to use tulips!) or display simple branches in abundance. Faux plants are so realistic these days that you only need one or two to create an eye catching look.

With the right objects, you can add colour and textures that feel right for the season. It doesn't scream fall but it definitely feels warmer and cozier. Isn't that what fall is all about?

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