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The Love List

by - Friday, February 07, 2020

The cutest mudroom / laundry combo I ever did see

Oh wait, this one is pretty darn cute too

I'm loving this metal cabinet for the entryway. A great solution for small spaces

It took decades but I think I finally found my everyday lip combo: this pencil and this color stick

I'd like to book a stay at this blue & white heavenly hotel, please. Of course it's designed by one of my favourites, Mark D. Sikes.

A sweet sunny spot for sitting

Speaking of sitting, this Pinterest board featuring nooks, benches, and built-in seats is one of my most popular. Give me all the cozy spots!

I like these easy Valentines ideas

We just finished up this series on Apple TV+ and LOVED it. I've never been into the true-crime podcast genre but this one has me thinking I should give it a try.

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