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6 Ways to Make Your House Feel Like A Sanctuary

by - Tuesday, March 17, 2020

How are you doing? Are you enjoying your time at home these days? It's where they've asked us to be and really is the safest place for all of us.

I hope that you don't mind my continued posting about all things home. It doesn't mean I'm ignoring the reality of the situation (as with many of you, I'm struggling with keeping my daughter occupied and finding time to work myself!) and I hope the things I do share over the next few days and weeks remains relevant, useful, and perhaps provides a distraction from some of the harder challenges going on.


I've always thought of my house as my sanctuary. It's the place where I get the best sleep, feel comfortable, and get to spend time with the people I love.

But what if your house doesn't feel like home? It takes effort to make a house cozy and welcoming. Even if you've lived in your house for years, it might not have that sense of comfort, safety, and relaxation you crave. And these days, it's a good time to enhance that homey feeling and create an escape from the world's anxieties. Here's 6 easy ways to make your house feel like a sanctuary.

1. Add Family Photos

In a world gone digital where most of our photos are stored on our phones, simply making the effort to print out a few cherished memories will be well worth it. Not only will you be reminded of favourite moments, but you can create an attractive display that enhances the decor of your home. Tuck single photo frames on a bookshelf or on your bedside table, or display them en masse in a family photo gallery wall.

black and white frames with family photographs, a vase with anemones, gold glass box on marble tray

You can also use the extra time you have these days to put together that photo book you've been meaning to do. Order it online, have it arrive on your doorstep, and display it on your coffee table. You'll always be reminded of the good times in life.

2. Decorate With Plants and Flowers

For an instant mood-lifter, bring a potted plant or bouquet of flowers into your home. Not only will the plants purify your air, but they'll add colour, vibrancy, and warmth. Even the mere act of committing to water your plants can make your house feel more like home. Your home isn't stark and devoid of personality - it houses living things!

home sweet home sign, pink flowers in pitcher vase, welcoming home entry

But in these days of self-isolation, going out to get live plants might not be an option. Faux plants are just as smile inducing. Create a faux arrangement or display branches in vases or interesting containers.

3. Layer In Comfort

Cushions, throws, soft bedding, and chunky blankets... these are literally the things that can make a house feel homey. Cozy accessories can make even the coldest room feel welcoming. Make your bedroom or favourite sofa feel cocoon-like by having throws and cushy pillows nearby.

cozy window bench seat, floral pillow cover, striped throw, plaid cushion covers

In warmer months, opt for lighter, breathable materials like linen and well-worn cotton that have texture and character. Switch them out for flannel, wool, and chunky knits in the cooler months. By ensuring your spaces feel comfortable, you and your guests will feel a sense of being cared for, the moment you step inside your home.

4. Display Art That You Love (Or Create Your Own)

What makes a home feel it's coziest? When its style is a true reflection of our own individual tastes. Art goes a very long way in making a space feel personalized, custom, and just like "you".

bedside table with lamp, art, and flowers, farmhouse art, farmhouse bedroom

Do you like black and white photography or modern abstracts? Do you have a preference for vintage paint by numbers or graphic word art? Adorn your walls with art that moves you and speaks to your heart.

For something truly unique, make your own art. Use whatever medium you have available - pencil and sketch pad, watercolours, markers and pencil crayons. It doesn't matter what you create. Just use this time at home to be creative.

5. Enliven Your Senses Through Scent and Music

One of the amazing thing about our senses is how they can instantly transport you... a scent of citrus from your hand soap can instantly bring to mind sunshine on a summer's day. The sound of James Taylor playing on Spotify brings me back to our 1970's den, with its plaid sofa and shag carpet.

How can you use scent or music throughout your home to make it feel more welcoming? Can you add candles or music to bring comfort? I have a diffuser in our bedroom that I set to a run a few hours before bedtime. The relaxing scents always help to calm me and quiet my brain, making for a better night's sleep.

how to make house a home, make home your sanctuary, how to make home feel homey

6. Create Space For Your Interests

With the world feeling very uncertain and scary right now, it's more important than ever to find and cherish those things that bring you joy. What is that for you? Do you enjoy reading, home workouts, or extra long bubble baths? Does knitting put you at ease? Does baking make you smile?

Create a space in your home that is dedicated to bringing you joy. It could be a cozy corner where you can do your cross-stitching or just to sit, read, and enjoy a cup of tea. Or perhaps you want to create a baking cupboard, with all of your baking essentials stored in pretty containers, ready for the next cupcake recipe, or an art drawer filled with canvases and art supplies.

craft room door, blue door, half glass door with decal, striped apron, craft room organization

Self-care and taking care of your mental health are also important. Perhaps a space for meditation, or even an hour each morning dedicated to journalling is what you need. Put joy into your every day by allocating space and time for the activities that feed your soul.

We are undoubtedly in difficult times right now. But being stuck indoors can be a beautiful thing and in the grand scheme of things, if our only hardship is to stay home for a few weeks, that is something we can certainly do for the good of humanity. I hope you are able to find peace in your home sanctuary and enjoy the moments we often take for granted.

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