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Can I Help You Create A Home You Love?

by - Thursday, April 16, 2020

One thing that has become very clear to me the last few weeks is what is essential to my life. My family. Food. Connection with friends, even virtually. Mental health. And home.

I've really come to cherish our home and am thankful for the effort we put into making it what it is. In this difficult time, my home is cozy, safe, and brings comfort.

But I know many people, perhaps you reading, don't have that. It's not because you don't want that. You might not have the money or resources to make the home you want. Or you struggle with where to begin, or how to pull it all together.

Can I help?

Can I help you to create a home you love?

Over the years, I've done design consultations with readers and homeowners who've reached out to me. Meeting in person or virtually, I've helped people make design decisions, designed entire rooms, and provided resources. It's something I've enjoyed doing but nothing I pursued in any proactive way.

But this challenging time has brought me clarity. I realize I have more to contribute to the world, I have a lifelong passion and talent for design, and I shouldn't wait to share that with all of you.

So consider this my official hanging up of my shingle: I'm leaping forward and letting you know that I'm offering e-Design Services. I'd love for you to click over to read about how I can help.

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Why now, though? Is it the right time to be investing in home? Or undertaking a new endeavour?

So many of the decisions we'll make in the coming days and weeks can be based on fear. But I want to base my actions on hope. Home is one constant in our lives; it's the place we rely on to make the world seem brighter. Within its walls, we eat, sleep, celebrate, exercise, work, gather, play, and dream. Home endures and reminds us there is always hope.

More than ever, your home should make you feel the way you want to feel. That's what I want for YOU.

And if you are continuing to spend on your home, updating and maintaining what you have, and making future plans for redecorating or renovating, you should go into those investments without fear. 

You could choose to do it all on your own. Or you could hire a designer to help bring it all together in one clear, ready-to-implement plan

This is what an e-design consultation can give you:

  • less frustration in trying to figure out an attractive design or floor plan yourself
  • time saved in tracking down just the right wallpaper, light fixture, or paint colour
  • money saved on mistakes and returns, and more confidence that the things you purchase will fit and work together
  • options for products that work within your budget
  • a design eye that considers architecture, scale, proportion, cohesiveness, and not just style
  • a ready made shopping list of products sourced online or locally (US or Canada)
  • a personalized plan that works for the way you live
  • a virtual helping hand to help you style and pull the finished look together

Less time, energy, and money. Less fear.


So, are you ready to translate those Pinterest images and ideas you've been saving into a concrete, realistic plan?

Are you eager to see how we can create a dream room that works within your budget, works for your family, and the way you live?

Do you, finally, once and for all, want to look around your home and think "Yes. This is exactly what I wanted"?

Then have a look at my design services and tell me how I can help. And while I recognize home should always be a priority, many are facing financial challenges. For a limited time, I'm offering discounted rates.

Your dream home is within reach. Let's meet and make it happen.

design services online, online edesign, design consultation

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