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Vintage Landscape Art Downloads Under $25

by - Monday, May 04, 2020

Did you have a good weekend? Despite staying at home all day every day, I'm happy to see that weekends haven't lost their appeal. They still feel different from the week... a time to relax, do more fun things and take care of little projects.

I was itching to do something small but satisfying and I found just the thing. It was time to switch out some of my art so I hopped onto Etsy in search of vintage landscape art printables.

Note: affiliate links have been included in this post for shopping convenience.

Vintage landscape paintings are trending right now and for good reason. They fit in almost any environment, from modern to traditional, and bring depth and character to a space. You can see them in projects by your favourite designers:

Jean Stoffer Design

Studio McGee
You can find a wide range of landscapes on the market, from expensive original paintings to framed high quality prints, to printables you can print at home. My favourite source for affordable art is Etsy so I went in search of printables and downloads of original oil paintings. Etsy can be a challenge to find exactly what you want so some phrases you can search for are "landscape painting download" "oil painting download" or "printable vintage landscape art".

I decided on this print. I printed it at 85% of the 10x8" size so it could fit in my frame. That's the great thing about printables - you can scale them up or down as needed and reprint as many times as you like.


Here's a roundup of just a few landscape art printables I found. There are subtle differences in colour, painting technique, and subject matter. Pick one to suit your style.

With even just one printable, you can change the look of a single print by cropping it, adding a mat or changing your frame. If you want a more realistic vintage look, put your print in a vintage frame you've picked up from a thrift store or antique fair.

Speaking of thrifting, I'm missing those days of trolling the aisles at Salvation Army. This will have to tide me over for now!

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