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Outdoor Ceiling Fans That Look Good

I think these are what you call the dog days of summer - those hot, sweltering, sticky days when all you want to do is cool off in the pool or sit beside a fan. It's the absolute worst time to have a fan break down but that's exactly what happened on our cottage porch.

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Our porch is my absolute favourite place to hang out when we're at the cottage. It's screened in, is 250 sq ft, and is an ideal spot for outdoor dining and afternoon naps in the fresh air. That is, only when it's not too hot! 

When our cottage was under construction, I requested an additional outlet above the porch sitting area as eventually I knew I wanted an outdoor ceiling fan installed. Some people are anti-ceiling fan, but I find them functional and useful, and with a bit of digging, you can find outdoor ceiling fans that look good too!

Stylish Outdoor Ceiling Fans

We did put in the Savoy House Circulaire and it has been fantastic, bringing cool breezes and a farmhouse feel to our country cottage. The dual heads were enough to cool the entire porch and I liked the light feature and that it worked with a remote.

Sadly, the light stopped working and then the fan so we need to get it fixed. Our fan model has been discontinued but we've talked to a few lighting experts and they've suggested getting a new remote control kit might fix the problem. Apparently outdoor ceiling fans tend to have issues with the remote control receiver - perhaps its weather related and having the unit sit in a damp location?

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Features

Nonetheless, we've ordered a new remote but I've had my eye out for a new outdoor ceiling fan, just in case. If you're shopping for an outdoor ceiling fan, here's a few things to consider:
  • Is your outdoor area wet and exposed to the elements (such as a patio or pergola), or damp (such as a porch, garage, or pool house)? Wet rated outdoor ceiling fans will prove more durable against the elements and are waterproof, weatherproof and are made with rust-resistant materials and all weather blades.
  • The size of ceiling fan you choose should depend on the size of the room you wish to cool. Here's a handy chart for estimating ceiling fan size.
  • Ensure you have adequate clearance and ceiling height. The bottom of your ceiling fan should be no less than 7' above your floor. In spaces with low clearance, opt for an outdoor ceiling fan that is flushmount versus one on a downrod.
  • What features do you want your fan to have? Should it have a light? Would you like to control it by remote? Do your need your fan to be able to reverse, in order to keep you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter?
  • Select a ceiling fan that complements your outdoor decor. Choose one in a colour that matches your ceiling to have it blend in, or opt for a dynamic design and reflective material like stainless steel if you want your fan to stand out.
There are many outdoor ceiling fans on the market that look dated and fussy, but I've rounded up a few that are a bit more clean-lined. These fans would look right at home in coastal, contemporary, or modern farmhouse spaces. 

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What do you think - are ceiling fans useful or an unattractive accent you can live without?

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