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The Love List (Week 322)

by - Friday, July 10, 2020

After a brief hiatus, the Love List is back! Here's what I'm loving lately.

I love the perforated panels and the cabinetry mix in this kitchen

What do you think of this trend? I think the integrated countertop and backsplash look in general (like we have in our bathroom) is back in vogue

Their work reminds me of the 70's in a good way

Have you been itching to do some shopping now that stores are opening back up? I don't want to buy too much (because, seriously, I'll rarely be going out) but I popped in store and grabbed this and this to round out my summer wardrobe and got this on the off chance we'll be able to host outdoor parties anytime soon

Totally inspired by this tile treatment. I LOVE the soldier course at the top and bottom.

This is an incredible yard transformation! You won't believe the Before and After

Daniel's kitchen really is very pretty

Very impressed by this DIY laundry/mudroom

This modern rocking chair is good for the nursery now and good for the living room later.

Completely unnecessary but totally cute

So much unexpected colour in this Hamptons home

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