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Client Design - An Open Concept Basement in 3D

by - Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Do you find it difficult to visualize rooms? One of the challenges in decorating and renovating your home is envisioning what the end result can look like. That's where a designer can help. A designer can transform you needs and wants into a concrete plan. From how to layout the furniture, where to place electrical sockets, to what shade of paint to put on the wall... a design consultation can help you answer those questions.

When I launched my design services a few months ago, I was hopeful to help many of you address and resolve your biggest design dilemmas. Today I wanted to share one recent project and show you a bit more of what you can expect with e-Design. Read through for the design details and watch the video to get a fly through the 3D floor plan!

Open Concept Basement Design

Heidi has been a reader of this blog for a while. She admired our basement transformation and craft room renovation and when it came time to finish her basement renovation, she came to me for help. She was in the process of transforming her unfinished basement. Architectural drawings had been completed and framing had begun. What Heidi needed was a space plan for the main living space so that any electrical or plumbing considerations could be accounted for before the walls were closed up.

basement layout, open concept basement, basement design, 3d basement design
Partial floor plan of the basement


Form vs. Function

Design plans focus on two objectives: Form (how a space looks), and Function (how a space flows and works). When starting with any design, I always start with function. It's essential to get the space plan right before tackling any decor elements.

How do you determine the function of a space? Start by answering questions like:

  • who will use this space?
  • how will they use it?
  • what functions does this room fill?
  • will your needs change in the future?
  • what is the main traffic flow in this room?
  • how do you picture yourself living in this space?

Working with these answers, I start to determine the placement of the fixed elements. In this project, that included a kitchen, a fireplace, and built-in cabinetry.

Space planning requires taking into account the location of other fixed elements. Doors, windows, columns, beams, vents, walls, plumbing, electrical, HVAC... you need to consider access to systems and structural impediments.

basement layout, open concept basement, basement design, 3d basement design

From there, I start to layer in the furnishings. This includes furniture, case goods, lighting, rugs, and textiles. When people think about "design", it's this task that comes to mind.

I approach the form of a space from a broad perspective and then drill it down into specifics. For instance, I determine how many chairs I need first and where they will be placed, and then further define what the chairs will look like - are they upholstered or not? What size are they? What colours are in the fabric?

The same goes for items like dining tables or coffee tables. I determine the ideal size of the item for the space and then work to find an item that fits those dimensions. Approaching the design in this manner ensures that the function or flow of the room will never be compromised. And when you have the function right, the room just feels right and living in the space is easy and natural.

basement layout, open concept basement, basement design, 3d basement design

3D Basement Design

You could walk away from a design consultation with the 2D plan above and be fine to execute and complete the project. The floor plan provides the essential information you need to furnish and lay out your space.

But let's take the design further and provide you a visual walk through of the space in 3D. Have a look at this video to see this space plan come to life. 

Was that helpful? I feel that seeing a room in 3D really helps to convey a sense of scale that you can't get in a 2D plan. In the video, you can see how objects and furnishings work in relation to one another. Just like in real life, you can easily imagine yourself walking in the space, and feeling on an emotional level, how the rooms make you feel. 

basement layout, open concept basement, basement design, 3d basement design

basement layout, open concept basement, basement design, 3d basement design

Do you have a design dilemma I can help with? Check out my design services and get in touch!

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