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The Love List (Week 333)

by - Friday, November 20, 2020

I'm crazy over this laundry room. I need more peg rails in my life!

Lots of ideas on how to display garland 

Dried orange slices are really having a moment this year

This kitchen is full of clever ideas

Have you checked out my Holiday Shop page? It's where I post my favourite finds and gift ideas

I LOVE the built in seating around the perimeter of this room. Storage underneath, the wainscoting/seat back, the swooped arm at one end... Jessica Helgerson, I love everything you do.

I ordered the uber popular Always Pan (eeeek!) and cannot wait for it to arrive. Grab it now - it's on sale for $95, down from $145 with code SUPERSALE
Emily's Scandi holiday decor is so fun!

This neutral tablescape is a nice change

How pretty is this dog washing station

fall outfit for women, fall outfit inspiration

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