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The Love List (Week 339)

Without a doubt, I could happily live in this barn cottage designed by Gil Schafer. You need to click over and see the just-as-stunning exterior! 

My kitchen baking tools needed a bit of an overhaul. I just got these bowls (love the non-slip bottom) and these influencer favourite magnetic measuring spoons. Can't wait to bake something this weekend.

Cute sneakers for spring 

Do you every see a decor element once and then notice it everywhere? Love how Erin used Raphael wallpaper from Sandberg in her powder room. Then I saw this Erin use it in her bathroom too. But I first loved this wallpaper when I saw how Tim used it five years ago in a blogger collaboration we did with Style At Home magazine (see page 47). 

Are you feeling the loss of casual friendships

Things to do at home when you're bored

Love these quilts made from remnant and upcycled fabrics

I gifted myself this for my 50th birthday. I had a trial size and it just ran out. It seriously gives me the skin of a 20 year old!

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